American Friends of Actions for Community Matters (ACOMA)

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A nongovernmental community development organization.

Actions for Community Matters (ACOMA) is a local nonprofit and nongovernmental community development organization legally registered with the appropriate Liberian government authorities as a nongovernmental organization (NGO). ACOMA works with poor and marginalized communities and people to eradicate poverty and inequality and build strong and resilient communities.

Founded on April 3, 2014, ACOMA commenced operations in June, 2014 and has since established four (4) Project Centers, each with groups of 30 impoverished women, who have registered as members in ACOMA's program to benefit from microloans and educational support to help them become change agents in their communities.

Our program focuses are: Microcredit, Education, Community Peace and Security, and Health.

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Build strong and resilient communities.

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