Art & Mental Health Fund

The support of the arts in the pursuit of good mental health.

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Engaging creativity for good mental health.

We are an endowment fund that supports organisations involved in the treatment of psychological and neurocognitive disorders. We encourage the support of the arts in the pursuit of good mental health.

Whether they are autistic, schizophrenic, bipolar, depressive, paranoid, or living with Down's syndrome, people's hopes and dreams are the same as our own, i.e., to have friends and hobbies, to be appreciated for their talents, to learn a job, and to be a full member of society

Numerous organisations already exist that are trying to respond to these hopes, and they are doing a remarkable job. Our goal, is to offer financial aid, and to productively collaborate with existing groups in the quest for new ideas and knowledge.

The arts are one of our principal areas of activity. We believe that an individual actively engaging in creativity benefits enormously when exposed to art and this many prove a great antidote to inner solitude.

Représentation de l'opéra-bouffe « Les Amants de Séville »

  • A performance of the comic opera 'The Lovers in Seville' during the 'Festival du Futur Composé 2012', with actress Lorie Baghdassarian, 'La Armenia', and some of the singers from the AL choir of young autists and their caregivers, conducted by Catherine Boni.

How can you help?

Contribute to the Art & Mental Health Fund via credit card by clicking above.

For gifts by check: Write your check to KBFUS, write "Art & Mental Health Fund" in the memo section of the check, and send it to KBFUS, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020.

Gifts by wire transfer or to contribute other types of property: Email KBFUS at: or phone (212) 713 7660.