American Friends of Autour de l'Eau

Water is a human right and a vital necessity.

Autour de l'Eau (FR) A Project of A | KBFUS Funds

Help people access safe and clean water.

Almost a billion people on the world don't have access to clean, safe drinking water. Autour de l'Eau works with populations having no access to water and to its purification in the world. It promotes the different uses of water, whether economic, social, or cultural.

Access to safe drinking water leads to positive and sustainable change in terms of health, education, higher literacy rates and more opportunities for people to move forward. We support the beginning of this process by helping people to gain access to water and to make it safe for multiple purposes.

The American Friends of About Water In Africa is a branch of the French nongovernmental organization, Autour de l'eau.

Increase access to water.

Contribute to the American Friends of Autour de l'Eau via credit card.

For gifts by check: Write your check to KBFUS, write "Autour de l'Eau" in the memo section of the check, and send it to KBFUS, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020.

Gifts by wire transfer or to contribute other types of property: Email KBFUS at: or phone (212) 713 7660.