American Friends of Bo Children's Hospital

Building a brighter future for the children of Sierra Leone

Bo Children's Hospital Foundation (SL) A Project of B | KBFUS Funds

Making a tangible difference in the lives of children and the community.

Dr Lemoh practiced in Sierra Leone but moved to Sydney with his Australian wife and young family as a consequence of civil war in his homeland. Nuli came from a poor, illiterate family in Sierra Leone, where there is a very low child survival rate - one in six babies die at birth and in the under five-years mortality rate is 182/1000. Nuli's dream to build the hospital has become a reality - shared by the community of Bo, Rotary Clubs in Bo, Australia, and the UK, Sydney University International House Alumni Association and many private donors, schools and church groups.

It is the community of Bo who built and are running the hospital. Its supporters in Australia, the UK and around the world provided advice and funded the work. Donations created the opportunity for the community to help itself.