Support the new EDHEC generation!

Promote diversity, Foster Entrepreneurship, Reinvent Teaching

EDHEC Business School (FR) A Project of E | KBFUS Funds

"Succeeding Olivier Oger is both an honor and a challenge. I would like to pursue the very aspiring choices he made over the last three decades, while keeping the “creative challenger" spirit of EDHEC.

I have identified three priorities to reach this objective :

- Enriching the student's experience : through innovative teaching methods and a strong scholarship programme.
- Developing entrepreneurship and innovation : thanks to an enhancement in teaching and a growth of the l'incubateur EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs.
- Spreading our global impact : strengthening our partnerships with the best universities worldwide.

As an alumnus, you can play a decisive role in this ambition. As the finest tradition at EDHEC goes, express your solidarity and generosity with the new generation of students!"

Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School