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IFIT - Institute for Integrated Transitions (ES) A Project of I | KBFUS Funds

Based in Barcelona and supported by a range of public and private donors and a prestigious Board and International Advisory Group, IFIT is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to helping fragile and conflict-affected states achieve more sustainable transitions out of war or authoritarianism. IFIT's core work is to serve as an expert resource on integrated policy solutions for locally-led efforts to break cycles of conflict or repression. It enjoys full operational independence.

IFIT focuses its field work primarily at the national level, engaging with trusted policymakers and leading civil society actors. It aims to reduce the often scatter-shot approach to seeking advice in times of transition, acting as a source of integrated advice and assistance for national actors on what they consider to be their most important transitional challenges and priorities. At the same time, IFIT offers strategic advice to donor states and multilateral agencies that can improve their efforts at policy coherence across agencies and borders, while also establishing operational partnerships with leading international organisations and peer networks, including the Alliance for Peacebuilding and the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office.

Through its global work, IFIT aspires to develop an institutional knowledge and body of practice that can help make possible the more evidence-based approaches at prioritisation and integration that global policymakers have long sought.

Photo by Moises Saman/MAGNUM