Jola House American Friends Fund

Educating, empowering and transforming women's lives.

Jola House Foundation (LR) A Project of J | KBFUS Funds

Transforming the lives of vulnerable young Liberian women through skill development and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Jola House is a social enterprise that empowers Liberian woman through skills development and entrepreneurship opportunities. Our commitment is to transform the lives of vulnerable Liberian women through skills development and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Elfreda Mayson originally formed Jola House Foundation to train women in the art of sewing and production. The challenge for the women graduating from her program was finding sustainable employment opportunities, so Jola House, Inc. was created as an outlet for women to produce high quality items (apparels, household items, and accessories). The organization partners with international organizations and companies to produce fair-trade items in a socially responsible way.

The social impact model which is the core of our foundation contains 3 pillars:

1. Educate - Jola House provides hands-on technical training and apprenticeships in product design, pattern making, commercial sewing, and business development. Training is also available in advanced production, manufacturing, and sales.

2. Empower - Our ancillary programs give women the opportunity to focus on their personal well-being (health, nutrition, and sanitation) and soft skill development (communication, time management, etc.)

3. Transform - Jola House graduates are hired to work in the production facility or become entrepreneurs and sell their products in the Jola House Shop. We also provide the most promising graduates with production, management, and leadership opportunities at Jola House.