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Working to to end human trafficking and protect survivors.

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Support child survivors

Established in 1994 in Togo, West Africa, La Conscience is a youth-focused organization committed to protecting human rights and community development through educational outreach, HIV/AIDS awareness and micro-loans. It focuses its efforts to fight human trafficking, rescue victims, and provide job-training and skills-development for youth. It has received recognition for its work from international organizations including the Reebok Human Rights Prize in 2001.

La Conscience is a noted nongovernmental organization for youth in Lomé, Togo, West Africa. Its primary concern is for children who have been victims of human trafficking but it also works to empower communities through skill training courses and women's projects. La Conscience works closely with police and border officers to obtain children that are being trafficked in and out of Togo. It provides shelter, health care, schooling, life training skills, and psychological assistance to those victimized by human trafficking while at the time trying to reunite the children to their families.

La Conscience is one of the only organizations in Togo that supports child victims and strives to end human trafficking.
Since it's opening in 1994 by Kodjo Djissenou it has assisted approximately 26,000 children. At any day the center houses 120 girls and 30 boys.

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