American Friends of Music Fund

Music Fund (BE) A Project of M | KBFUS Funds

A humanitarian project that supports musicians and music schools in conflict areas and developing countries.

Music Fund supports young musicians and music schools in developing countries and conflict areas.

Music Fund collects musical instruments, restores and takes them to where they are needed. More than 1.000 instruments have been donated at various events since the first national campaign in Belgium in April 2005. Music Fund also organizes workshops and master classes in instrument building and restoration. The workshops are held in the regions where the partner schools are established. The master classes are held in Europe in the ateliers of the specialist instrument builders and restorers who are associated with Music Fund. In this way, Music Fund not only provides musical instruments but also the know-how needed for their tuning and repair. Music Fund also assists its partners in the organization of music workshops and the further training of music teachers.

Music Fund has various partners in the Middle-East (Israƫl and Palestine), Africa (Mozambique, DRCongo, South-Africa) and South America (Brazil)