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Building sustainable rural education solutions

Taking Forward Mandela's Legacy in Education and Rural Development

Former President Mandela launched the Nelson Mandela Institute in 2007 in response to the education crisis facing rural Africa. He sought to establish a research and training institute working in close partnership with rural teachers, children and communities, to build sustainable solutions to the problems facing education in rural Africa.

Based in the rural Eastern Cape, attached to Mandela's alma matre the University of Fort Hare, the NMI was launched to work with rural teachers, children and parents to create sustainable solutions to education serving rural Africa.

What We Do:

- We equip schools to ensure that the basic conditions for teaching and learning are in place;

- We build teaching and learning tools that are aligned to the social and linguistic realities of rural children and teachers;

- We train and support rural teachers through teacher development programmes, classroom based support and building professional communities of practice;

- We work with learners and school communities to mobilise and focus energies around reading, writing and educational activity;

- We undertake detailed applied research to inform and monitor our work.

Invest in Mandela's Legacy in Rural Education

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