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PACES -Palestine Assc Children's Encouragement Sports (UK) A Project of P | KBFUS Funds

Providing healthy, structured after-school sports programs for Palestinian girls and boys.

PACES was founded in 2006 with the aim of providing healthy, structured after-school sports programs for Palestinian girls and boys; for girls as a means of getting them out of their homes and into programs that empower them within their communities, and for boys who would otherwise be on the streets and exposed to violence and negative or destructive influences.

Through our programs we provide Palestinian children an escape from being idle on the streets, or in their homes, an escape that is fun, healthy, and encourages participation and excellence in an activity that is extremely important to their development. Moreover, we encourage active citizenship and provide young people with the opportunity to develop values such as respect for the opponent, adherence to rules, teamwork and fair play. We combine sport with non-sport factors to enhance our programs and we have partnerships with local and international NGOs to provide the children with workshops and exposure beyond sports that give them additional development opportunities. Our programs promote gender equality and we are extremely proud to have achieved our goal of a 50% girl's participation rate.
PACES builds local capacity by training leaders in the community as coaches to deliver its sport programs in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. Our programs are well designed led by trained and competent coaches. Not only do our programs provide a fun, healthy and educational alternatives to the children enrolled; they have also created employment opportunities for hundreds of coaches.

We believe that providing children from refugee camps and marginalised communities a fun and healthy alternative to being in their homes and/or on the streets can make an immense difference in advancing their general well-being, their physical and social development, and help them develop into productive adults in the future.

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