PAST uses the scientific evidence of our shared human origins in Africa to combat discrimination everywhere.

PAST also uses the scientific evidence of the shared origins of all living things, including humans, to promote nature conservation.

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PAST is a South Africa-based public benefit organization that since 1994 has been dedicated to the mission of protecting, preserving and promoting Africa's ancient fossil heritage for the benefit of humankind. Africa is the custodian of the major chapters of human prehistory and these fossil sites records a vast and major percentage of the record of humankind's origins. Africa's fossil heritage is therefore world heritage. PAST brings together scientists, business, government and communities to support research, education and public awareness in the sciences related to our origins (palaeontology, archaeology, paleoanthropology and related disciplines. Far from supporting a purely academic pursuit, PAST uses the science of our origins to address modern social issues and future prospects in Africa, and indeed the world. PAST's global anti-discrimination and pro-conservation campaign entitled All from One, also encourages people to use the knowledge gained from the origin sciences to commit to the ideals of tolerance, unity, collaboration and conservation. Please visit our website for more detailed information on PAST and its programmes.