Freedom to marry in Eastern Europe

Prague Pride (CZ) A Project of P | KBFUS Funds

Do you remember the joy you felt when the Supreme Court made marriage equality the law for all Americans? Over the last year, I have had many fellow Czechs tell me that "It's only fair", that we in the Czech Republic have freedom to marry. On 19th April 2017 We are launching our national campaign to secure a 'Yes' to freedom to marry by 2020. The campaign will be positive, local and based on conversations, if it is to change the hearts and minds of those in the Czech Republic who are sitting on the fence.

We have a window of opportunity before our elections in October 2017. We want to influence public opinion and the opinions of policy formers and makers, especially politicians who hope to be elected. From our market research and polling 67% of Czechs are in general support for marriage equality; however 52% are not sure yet. The 'undecided' are the main audience for our campaign: showing politicians and society generally that love is love no matter what and it is 'It's only fair' to recognise it with marriage. We will enable and keep the pressure on the issue of love in the media and in front of politicians, policy formers, makers and leaders.

We need you to be one of our International ChangeMakers to donate and fuel our campaign to finally make "marriage equality" happen here. Funds for this year reaching-out media campaign and our campaign bus are short $30,000. By achieving a 'Yes' to marriage equality here in the Czech Republic we can help to create a wave of change across eastern Europe.

$775 Raised
2% towards $30,000 Goal