Red Star Line American Fund

Cherish our common history. Help us to find US-descendants of Red Star Line passengers

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From 1873 to 1934 two million passengers travelled from Antwerp (Belgium) to North America onboard the Red Star Line ships. The Antwerp based Red Star Line Museum focuses on the story of those passengers, on that of the shipping company that transported them and on the city of Antwerp and his port from where they embarked on this journey.

The historic sheds of the legendary shipping company with the red star in its flag currently house the Red Star Line Museum. The museum tells the story of the millions of Europeans who were courageous or desperate enough to leave their old life behind and look for a better existence. Via an emotional rollercoaster of high expectations and deep disappointments, racing adrenaline and sleepless nights the dream becomes reality for some of them.

The former harbour sheds of the Red Star Line are the perfect place to make the stories of countless passengers palpable and visible. Their dreams and complaints are brought to life in this inspiring environment. The museum also examines the role the Red Star Line played in the lives of such famous passengers as Albert Einstein and Irving Berlin.

The Red Star Line Museum is a journey to the past and an encounter with the present. Migration might have a different face these days, but the human side of migration is timeless and universal.

Your donation will be used to further invest in international projects that bring to life this universal story and to identify descendants of Red Star Line passengers in the United States with the help of specialists in reverse genealogy and families across America and Europe.