American Friends of the Royal Museums of Art and History

Royal Museums of Art and History (Brussels) (BE) A Project of R | KBFUS Funds

The Royals Museums of Art and History consist of five museums: The Cinquantenaire, The Horta-Lambeaux Pavilion, The Hall Gate, The Museums of the Far East, and the Musical Instruments Museum. The Royal Museums of Art & History are a division of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office led by Secretary of State Zuhal Demir, who is a member of the Belgian Cabinet (Board of Ministers). The institute has a long history of organising pan-European and international exhibitions.

The Royal Museums of Art and History have five big major orientations: National Archeology, Antiquity, European Decorative Art, Non-European Civilisations and the World and History of Musical Instruments. Museum conservators are responsible for the safeguarding, study and visibility of our art collection, the largest and most important collection of our country, owned by the National Belgian Government. Besides exhibiting our rich collection to the public, our mission consists of extending and studying our current collection, maintaining our inventory and publishing scientific research related to our collection.

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