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A in peaceful co-existence.

Skillshare International is an international volunteering and development charity. We work with local partner organisations and communities in Africa and Asia to build sustainable livelihoods.

Skillshare International is an international development organisation working to reduce poverty, injustice and inequality and to further economic and social development in partnership with people and communities throughout the world. We do this by sharing and developing skills and ideas, facilitating organisational and social change and building awareness of development issues.

Our vision is of a world without poverty, injustice and inequality where people, regardless of cultural, social and political divides, come together for mutual benefit, living in peaceful co-existence.


Coaching for Hope is a programme of Skillshare International, an international development organisation.


Alternative ways to give:

For gifts by check: Write your check to KBFUS, write "Skillshare International Fund" in the memo section of the check, and send it to KBFUS, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020.

Gifts by wire transfer or to contribute other types of property: Email KBFUS at: or phone (212) 713 7660.