An indigenous, activist fund resourcing the movement for LGBTI and sex worker rights in East Africa.

UHAI EASHRI (KE) A Project of U | KBFUS Funds

Funding the fight for a world in which all people can live equality and dignity

UHAI EASHRI provides East Africa's LGBTI and sex worker movements flexible and responsive funding, capacity support, and support for research, partner engagements and convenings. By engaging the very activists involved in the movement to guide the grant making process, UHAI EASHRI employs a uniquely East African perspective on social change, ensuring those closest to the issues have the agency to fund action.

UHAI EASHRI is the first and largest organization of its kind to support the movement for LGBTI and sex worker rights in East Africa. In the 7 years since its founding UHAI EASHRI has awarded nearly $5 million to civil society groups in Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. At the top of 2016, UHAI expanded its reach to fund sexual and gender minority activism in Ethiopia and will follow suit in Democratic Republic of Congo by the close of the year. According to a recent study by Foundation Center and International Human Rights Funders Group, UHAI accounts for 1 in 6 LGBTI grants globally, and we are the 9th largest funder of sex worker rights globally.

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