UnaKids American Fund

Give a gift that keeps on giving: sponsor a child's education for a dollar a day ($365 per year)!

UnaKids (MC) A Project of U | KBFUS Funds

Our mission at UnaKids is to use education to improve the lives of the younger generation so that they are empowered to promote peace and stability in regions which have been affected by violence and massive social disruption. With this aim, our organisation focuses on two principal activities: sponsoring the education of children who have lost a parent, and funding educational and medical facilities. We provide single-parent children with full-time education through to university or technical apprenticeship level, in addition to providing housing, basic health care, clothing, and in many cases personalized attention. Each child is sponsored by an external individual sponsor through the sponsor's donation of $365 per year. If for any reason a sponsor is unable to continue supporting its child, UnaKids is committed to underwriting the continual provision of this support. We also fund schools and medical facilities in several regions where we are present. UnaKids is currently helping children in Armenia, Iraq, Lebanon and Nepal. Thank you for supporting our vision to create a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate so that the next generation may grow up to be self-sufficient, caring adults that can help rebuild their respective communities.