To develop food security project using sarface water,

To enhance participation of women on household food security and fight women's exploitations,

VoCDA - Vision of Community Development Association (ET) A Project of V | KBFUS Funds

Working to alleviate poverty and socio-economic injustice that affect human dignity and life in Ethiopia. VoCDA was established in 2003 as a local NGO as per the Federal Ministry of Justice, Charities and Societies Agency, new law as Ethiopia resident charity. At present, VoCDA is operating in Arsi Negele district and Dodota districts of west/east Arsi zones, respectively, and in Adamituljido and Dugda districts of East Showa Zone of Oromia Regional State, in Ethiopia.

VoCDA has a number of best practices which show the competitive edge of the organization in the process of addressing underlining causes of poverty such as Basic children's and adult education, women empowerment, HH food security attainment initiatives and natural resource conservation. In these interventions VoCDA reached 17 rural kebeles and one urban center in four districts, where more than 28,550 community members (women, children's and farmers) were directly benefited from the programs.

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