The Loire Valley was said to be the garden of France. Every famous Château has its garden.

Thanks to you Chambord will recover its French Formal Garden: part of landscaping designed for Louis XIV.

French Formal Garden and the Great Perspective A Project of C | KBFUS Funds

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The restitution of the French Formal Garden is a high visibility project of worldwide interest. The image of this garden is inseparable from that of Chambord's long, globally famous façade, since it extends from the foot of the Château as part of landscaping designed for Louis XIV. The foundational axis, structure and perspectives that governed the composition of the garden in the 18th century are still present today. Most shots of the château include these spaces.

Visitors' perception will be transformed: the French Formal Garden will display a transition between the château and the forest, restoring the majesty of the façade d'honneur with two rows of trees that will invite people to gaze out in contemplation.

For more information about the history of the French Formal Garden and our ambitious restoration project, kindly pay a visit to website

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