To enhance household food securty and fight women's exploitations

Household Food security enhacement through water development A Project of V | KBFUS Funds

Rationale for the project interventions,

Regarding the project area under consideration the area is almost all natural resources (forest, soil, water etc) are highly exploited and degraded. The area is classified under desert and the community is at risk condition now a days. To site some of these serious problems, which highly contribute for environmental degradation in the intended project area, are;

Ø High population pressure,

Ø High deforestation: all community segments (youth, elders, women, etc) are engaged in production and selling of charcoal and fire wood for their livelihood. This practices leads to desertification of the area,

Ø The soil is exposed to high erosion by wind and waters, this resulted poor productivity of the farmland,

Ø Prolong dry season and erratic rainfall,

Ø Overgrazing of the grazing land and inappropriate farming (plough) practices,

Ø Absence drinking water at nearby areas,

- lack of technical and financial capacity of community to develop natural resources like water to make income/food out of its resources and

Ø Increased vulnerability etc.

The root causes of all these problems are environmental degradation by human being and erratic type of rainfall that changes the localities into bare land.


The goal/ general objective of the project is to contribute to the better living standard of the target group through supplying of potable (clean) water and small scale irrigation development.

$100 Raised
1% towards $750,500 Goal