Adopt a Vine in Francis I's Vineyard

Your gift will support Chambord to help us safeguard a certain vision of the French way of life.

Adopt a Vine in Francis I's Vineyard A Project of C | KBFUS Funds

A worldwide symbol of the French Renaissance, the château of Chambord occupies a 5,440-hectare estate overlooking a vineyard introduced by order of the King in 1518-1519. Comprised of Burgundy varietals chosen by the King himself, this vineyard is truly exceptional and its resurgence is not without historical significance.

Through Chambord's Adopt a Vine campaign, three different varietals will be planted on an area covering 12 hectares within the estate including 8 hectares of Romorantin, introduced to the Val de Loire at the order of Francis I, 4 hectares of Pinot Noir and 2,000m2 of Gamay.

For $1,300, you can adopt a vine in Chambord's legendary vineyards. With this generous gift:

  • You have the opportunity to name a Romorantin vine for life.
  • You may purchase three bottles per year including a premium non-grafted Romorantin vintage, a French Pinot and a grafted Romorantin and on a priority basis.
  • You will receive a 'Chambord Vine Sponsor' certificate.
  • You will receive an annual newsletter keeping you updated on the progress of the vineyard.

Thus far, 7 hectares of Romorantin have been planted and the Pinot Noir and Gamay plots have been completed. During 2017, we expect to complete the remaining hectare of the vineyard in anticipation for the first grape harvest in 2019. This celebration will mark the 500th anniversary of the onset of the construction of Chambord and is expected to yield 50,000 to 60,000 bottles of wine. Your donation will help us preserve, develop and enhance this marvel of the French Renaissance.