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Inspired by a sense of caring and compassion for all the people who work to build a better world, as well as to support the many causes and movements for which they work, The Wellbeing Project is focused on both modeling support to social change leaders, and cultivating a shift in the culture of the field toward one that is healthier and supportive of inner wellbeing. Convened and led by Ashoka Fellow, Aaron Pereira, The Wellbeing Project was incubated at Ashoka for almost two years. In 2014, it became a co-creation with Ashoka, The Esalen Institute, The Fetzer Institute, and Synergos. Our intention is that the project will ignite further action to continue the work of deeply and meaningfully supporting the wellbeing of experienced social entrepreneurs, shifting the field of social change, and enhancing the lives of the millions of people touched by the efforts of these changemakers. We are committed to an open-source approach to everything that is learned and developed through the project: we believe that this fundamentally supports our intention to catalyze a meaningful shift in the field of social change.

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