Where there are no healthcare workers, there can be no healthcare delivery.

AHP finds solutions to Human Resources for Health challenges in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Health for Africa, powered by people.

Africa Health Placements (AHP) exists to address issues in healthcare access for the most indigent and vulnerable in Africa as a consequence of the critical skills shortages experienced in the region.

The shortage of qualified medical staff is a massive challenge in the provision of healthcare globally, with the World Health Organisation estimating that the world currently needs approximately 7.2 million more health workers. This challenge is most profound in sub-Saharan Africa which shoulders 24% of the global burden of disease, but only possesses 3% of the health workforce.

In South Africa, the shortage of medical professionals is no better than some of the worst-affected African countries. The majority of the population (84%) uses public healthcare and languishes with access to only 30% of the country's doctors. Rural South Africa is the worst hit – 43.6% of the country's population lives in these areas, but only 12% of doctors and 19% of the country's nurses work in rural health facilities.

AHP tackles these shortages through human resource solutions that draw on global best practice made relevant to the local context. As such, our mission is to help plan for, find and keep the workforce needed to deliver health for all.

We currently offers pragmatic solutions in the fields of recruitment, retention, workforce planning and culture codification.

Areas of Expertise:

Recruitment: We have placed over 3900 health workers in under-served areas, delivering over 24million consultations.

Retention: Over 4000 managers trained in Human Resources for Healthcare.

Workforce Planning: We have assessed over 500 facilities

Culture Strategy Consulting: We have a measurable and manageable approach to improving performance through a behavioral approach to organizational culture.

Our head office is in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Your donation to AHP helps improve access to healthcare for under-served communities.

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