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Allergies and Chronic Airway Diseases are the most common chronic disease in children and throughout the life cycle. It presents a major worldwide health problem irrespective of income.

Joining forces is essential to reduce the prevalence and burden of chronic respiratory diseases in Europe via education, research, development, and implementation of the principles of Precision Medicine.
EUFOREA has three targets in ten years' time with a special focus on rhinitis, rhinosinusitis and asthma:

  1. Arrest the epidemic of Allergies and Airway diseases
  2. Reduce the burden by 30%
  3. Reduce the socio-economic impact by 30 %
EUFOREA was founded in 2015 as an international non-profit organization under Belgian law by renowned allergy and immunology specialists from all over Europe. Our network is composed of the main research institutes on allergy, asthma and upper airways diseases, the leading medical doctors and important patient's associations working in this field.

Bringing specialists together in one environment with end to end integrated - digital - data covering the entire value chain, will create opportunities for new innovative thinking and development of new techniques, devices, protocols and concepts. The combination of better diagnostics, preventive action and better treatment, will generate an important reduction of socio-economic costs of the chronic airway diseases we are targeting.

Precision medicine is at the core of this action plan. Precision medicine is an approach to disease prevention and treatment that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle. Efforts are underway worldwide to generate the scientific evidence needed to move the concept of precision medicine into every day clinical practice, and making it the norm rather than the exception.

We are structured around two main pillars: research and education. The research program is highly trans-disciplinary, and aims at defining the new research priorities in chronic airway diseases through the use of precision precision. Our educative platform aims at spreading the latest research findings on airway diseases to healthcare practitioners and patients. Our educational programs enable the clinicians to fully utilize their acquired knowledge in their daily practice, and thus improving patient care, patient education and disease prevention.

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