Friends of Lega del Filo d'Oro

To hear in the silence, to see beyond the darkness

Lega del Filo d'Oro (IT) A Project of L | KBFUS Funds

We all take for granted that we can use words and images to communicate, but for some people this is not possible. There are thousands of children, teenagers and adults who have never seen the faces of loved ones or heard their voices. They are the deafblinds. People who have severe impairments of both sight and hearing.

For 50 years Lega del Filo d'Oro (LFO) has been helping the deafblind to overcome the isolation they live in. Using highly specialized interventions, it offers every individual a personalized rehabilitation treatment so that they can use different skills to communicate and relate with others.

LFO's mission is to: " assist, educate, rehabilitate and reinsert deafblind people in society". To do so, they create specialized structures, train skilled professionals, conduct research and experimentation in the field of deaf blindness, promote relations with organizations, institutions, Italian and foreign universities and raise public awareness with regard to this type of disabilities.

In Italy LFO is the Landmark for the deafblind and multisensory impaired and has a presence in seven regions. There are centers in Lesmo (MB), Osimo (AN), Molfetta (BA), Termini Imerese (PA) and local offices in Padua, Rome and Naples. To reduce the waiting list of those who need help, a highly specialized new headqurters is under construction in Osimo which will increase the capacity of the Diagnostic Center and bring together all the services actually housed in 15 different buildings.




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