FEDORA - The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera and Ballet

FEDORA (FR) A Project of F | KBFUS Funds

FEDORA is a network of opera houses, festivals, ballet companies and friends associations as well as individual and corporate donors, committed to supporting and contributing to the future of opera and ballet.

The association was created as a tribute to Rolf Liebermann, in January 2014 under the presidency of Mr Jérôme-François Zieseniss in Paris. FEDORA's mission is to support the renewal and rejuvenation of opera and ballet. Nowadays, opera and ballet are facing numerous challenges: declining governmental support, difficulties to rejuvenate audiences, and the burden of being considered as old art forms. Aware of the diverse challenges, FEDORA pursues its mission through a threefold approach: Creation of a European Network of Philanthropy; Encouraging artistic collaboration and creativity through the FEDORA Prizes; and Services and relationship building between donors and opera houses.



Alternative ways to give:

For gifts by check: Write your check to KBFUS, write "FEDORA US Fund" in the memo section of the check, and send it to KBFUS, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020.

Gifts by wire transfer or to contribute other types of property: Email KBFUS at: info@kbfus.org or phone (212) 713 7660.