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Provide meaningful support to orphaned and vulnerable children in Mozambique.

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Hundreds of children have been helped in rejoining their families and getting reintegrated into their community.

Mozambique is a country devastated by 30 years of war (ending in 1992) followed by 3 years of the most serious drought of austral Africa and other inundations that have arguably caused more damage than the war itself. Since before the war ended, ASEM has served children in extreme poverty, victims of the HIV/AIDS, the orphaned and abandoned.

In the time since, ASEM has helped more than 50,000 children at the Centers, with schooling, health care, shelter, psychological support, vocational training and more.

Hundreds of children have been assisted in rejoining their families and getting reintegrated into their community.

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Currently, ASEM has over 6,000 direct beneficiaries and approximately 54,000 indirect beneficiaries annually.

ASEM Mozambique is an organization that works on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in the areas of:

  • Protection of civil rights
  • Education
  • General care
  • Psychosocial support
  • Vocational training
  • Social rehabilitation
  • Preschool education
  • Management in education and strengthening the family ties within the community
  • Reintegration into families and/or foster families

It is a non-profit organization long recognized by the government of Mozambique, with self-sustaining activities integrated into the project to ensure sustainability at the grassroots level.

ASEM exists for the protection and welfare of children in distress. Our beneficiaries come from different corners of the country, but the focus is in Sofala province, Beira and Gorongosa, and in Inhambane province, Vilanculos and districts. The children are provided with the care, educational support and professional training essential for successful social reintegration.

ASEM founder Barbara Hofmann with a student. Two schoolboys hone their chess playing skills.

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