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World Future Council (DE) A Project of W | KBFUS Funds

Decisions we make today will have consequences for many generations to come. The World Future Council (WFC) consists of 50 eminent global change-makers from governments, parliaments, civil society, academia, the arts and business who have already successfully created change.

We make politicians aware that they have an ethical responsibility to assess every decision-making process on the basis of how it will affect future generations. In close collaboration with civil society groups, members of parliament, governments, businesses and international organisations we research, identify and spread future just policies and legislation and support decision-makers in the concrete implementation. For more information about our working areas, please click here.

Some of the impacts of our work are listed here.

The organisation as launched in 2007 by Jakob von Uexkull, Founder of the 'Alternative Nobel Prize'. The WFC Head Office is located in Hamburg with further offices in London, Geneva and Beijing. As a charitable foundation we rely on private and institutional donations to fund our work. www.worldfuturecouncil.org

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