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Community Help Service ASBL (BE) A Project of C | KBFUS Funds

Community Help Service (CHS) is a non-profit organization which since 1971 has been providing information, support and mental health services to anyone in Belgium who needs help and prefers to speak English, regardless of nationality and circumstances.

We offer a 24/7 anonymous and confidential helpline in English (+32 2 648 40 14) as well as mental health services, including psycho-educational assessments for children, from our center in Brussels.

Many of those who need support from CHS are not English speakers, but use English as their first foreign language. In 2016, our Mental Health Services Center welcomed more than 700 new clients, representing almost 40 nationalities.

The Helpline is staffed by volunteers who are trained, supported and supervised by mental health professionals. It is available to people of all ages and offers general information (such as an English-speaking doctor in the caller's area), emotional support and help in a crisis, for the cost of a local call connection. The Helpline received around 2,500 calls during 2016.

The Mental Health Services Center has a clinical team of psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and educational specialists who deal with a wide range of issues for people of all ages: children's behavioral difficulties, diagnosis of learning/emotional problems, depression and anxiety, addiction, burnout, marital and family difficulties (including family mediation), bereavement, sexual problems, etc. It is supported by a volunteer administrative team.

The members of the clinical team work with but are not employed by CHS. In total, around 70 people work with CHS: 30 Helpline volunteers, 15 office volunteers, 15 therapists and 10 Board members.

Since the Mental Health Services Centre is virtually self-financing, thanks to financial contributions from the therapists working with CHS, the purpose of both the 'Friends of CHS Fund' in Belgium and the 'American Friends of CHS in Belgium Fund' is to finance the Helpline, the annual running costs of which exceed €30,000.

While the French, Dutch and German language Helplines in Belgium are subsidized by their respective regional authorities, CHS receives no subsidies for its Helpline in English. Financing has mainly come from an annual CHS calendar, contributions (variable) from community associations, fundraising events and donations.

CHS does not have sufficient funds to finance publicity. While income from the KBF 'Friends of' funds will primarily be dedicated to covering the running costs of the Helpline, any additional funds available will be spent on publicity about the CHS Helpline, for example in the Brussels public transport network.