American Friends of Saint-Eustache Paris

Stones and men on the move

La Fabrique Saint Eustache Paris (FR) A Project of L | KBFUS Funds

The purpose of La Fabrique Saint-EustacheFactory is to preserve, restore and promote the rich historical, architectural and artistic heritage of this church, the largest in Paris with Notre-Dame.

The edification of this royal church, located in the heart of Paris, was ordered by King Francis I in 1532 and it is considered a masterpiece of late Gothic architecture. It welcomed illustrious people (King Louis XIV, Cardinal of Richelieu, Louis XV's favorite Madame de Pompadour, funeral of Mozart's mother) and saw several important events in the history of France or music (Premieres of Berlioz's Te Deum and Liszt's solemn Mass called de "Gran"). With over 8,000 pipes, the church is also known as hosting one of the largest pipe organ in France.

The renovation program put in place reflects the desire to continue to inscribe Saint-Eustache in History.

La Fabrique also strives to give itself the human and financial resources to enhance its cultural dimension through music and the arts and to develop fraternal and charitable commitments.