Friends of Caritas France

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Who we are

Fondation Caritas France was created by Secours Catholique in 2009. It's an umbrella foundation dedicated to alleviating and fighting poverty in France and in the poorest countries across the globe.

Fondation Caritas is a recognized, public-benefit and shelter foundation, committed to fighting global inequality.

Our values

The Caritas France Foundation acts with kindness, enthusiasm, and rigor, in a spirit of mutual trust. Listening to its founders and the project promoters it supports, it shares its expertise with them and with all actors involved in the fight against poverty.

Referring to the vision of its founder Secours Catholique, it is based on the values of solidarity and justice, and promotes respect for the human person, the collective responsibility for the common good, the sharing of wealth, and the principle of subsidiarity. It shares with the whole Caritas France Network values of trust, commitment and fraternity.