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Founded in 2012 in Kenya by Anthony (Tonee) Ndungu, Kytabu is an education technology company focusing on the development and distribution of digital educational curriculum content in the East African region, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Malawi. Kytabu has developed an Android app that enables teachers and students to 'rent' curriculum-required digital textbooks using mobile money payments, to maximize accessibility and affordability.

Kytabu was born in response to a lack of access to school textbooks at a community school Tonee's father had started. After several iterations to the original concept, the first test version of the Kytabu App went to market in July of 2016. It is now picking up steam and has been selected by schools in rural and urban areas alike as an alternative to textbooks.

Kytabu's leverages the mobile money penetration (currently at 82%) in Eastern Africa to its advantage, and relies on the prevalence of smart devices (currently at 61%) in the region as the ideal platform to deliver content for education.

Today, Kytabu is more than an app. It plays a big role in the Kenyan Government's digital education content and device distribution programs. by creating localized digital content that is in line with the required curriculum, and by demystifying the use of technology at school thanks to direct support and coaching.

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