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AMADE actively commits to the protection and the empowerment of children around the world.

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Founded in 1963 following the wish of Princess Grace of Monaco, AMADE is based on a vision : the vision of a world where every child, whatever his social, religious or cultural origins are, would have the capacity to live in dignity, his fundamental rights fully respected. The vision of a world where every child would have the opportunity to fulfill his potential.

The funding bases of AMADE's involvement in favour of children are the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), adopted in 1989 by the United Nations, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in 2015.


AMADE contributes to implement these commitments through the following missions :

  • To protect the most vulnerable children from violence, exploitation and abuse;
  • To promote the empowerment of children by improving access to education and health;
  • To accompany change through awarness and advocacy.


As a NGO dedicated to development, AMADE aims to bring about sustainable and innovative responses to the issues it faces, focusing on capacity building and empowerment of its beneficiaries.

Although children remain AMADE's primary concern, AMADE programme's also targets families and local communities.
AMADE is committed to promoting equal opportunities, especially by fighting gender discriminations.

Working with children brings with it great responsabilty and demands expertise as well as moral anh humans values.
The trust of donors places on AMADE a duty to be transparent - not only regarding financial management, but also regarding the selection, follow-up and evaluation of the projects it supports.
AMADE's approach is to give priority to relationships bases on partnership.


AMADE Mondiale is a charity approved by the Monegasque Ministry of State (Act no. 1.355 of 8 July 2015). Its certified annual financial statements are audited by the government's Expenditure Control Authority. Thanks to an annual operating grant from the Prince's Government, we spend less than 12% of our revenue on operating costs.


AMADE implements its intervention strategy through three separate, complementary channels:

  • Programs funding : AMADE develops for each area intervention innovative programs, with clearly defined objectives. Under each program, specific projects are identifies and implemented by members of our global network.
  • Emergency end post-emergency aid: AMADE's Development programs seek to bring about medium term solutions. Yet it also has emergency response capacity, working to keep children safe in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters and conflicts. Its work focuses in particular on so-called "forgotten" crises and on protecting children in post-emergency situations.
  • Public awareness-raising and advocacy : AMADE routinely gathers feedbacks from the projects and programs it supports, builds close ties with field staff and the children it helps; and works with a network of key partners. This allow it to develop and deploy awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns, in an effort to get members of the general public, politicians and business leaders engaged with the key issues affecting children.


1. Protection children from violence, exploitation and abuse

  • Demobilisation and Reintegration of child soldiers
  • Fight against abuse and sexual violence
  • Protection of child living in prison
  • Reintegration of street children


  • Raising standards in primary schools
  • Enrolling girls in secondary school
  • Improving maternal literacy

3. Health

  • Preventing child mortality
  • Controlling neglected diseases
  • Training health workers

4. Emergency & Post-Emergency Aid

  • Unaccompanied child migrants
  • Child refugees
  • Rehabilitation of infrastructures

5. Awareness-Raising & Advocacy

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