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About us

The Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) is an international centre of excellence for resilience and sustainability science

Since its launch in 2007, SRC has developed into a world-leading science centre for addressing the complex challenges facing humanity.

The centre is a joint initiative between Stockholm University and the Beijer Institute of Econological Economics at The Royal Swedish Academy Sciences.

It is governed by an independent international board with additional strategic advice provided by an International Advisory Board.

The centre is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra.

Our vision

We believe in the importance of reconnecting to the biosphere. We must stop considering nature as something separate from society because people and nature are truly intertwined in what we refer to as social-ecological systems. Development can no longer be done without an increased understanding of nature's role for our own survival and well-being.

Our vision is a world where social-ecological systems are understood, governed and managed, to enhance human well-being and the capacity to deal with complexity and change, for the sustainable co-evolution of human civilizations with the biosphere.

In our globalized society, there are virtually no ecosystems that are not shaped by humans and no humans without the need for ecosystems and the services they provide. Our vision is a world where these interactions are understood, governed and managed.