It's a matter of heart. Join us, Give the Beat, and help us save the heart of so many children!

Thousands of children in the world suffer from congenital heart disease, which will certainly bring them to death, if we do not intervene as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? Help us too! Even with a small contribution, we can do so much.

#GIVETHEBEAT A Project of M | KBFUS Funds


Did you know that every year in the world there are 1 million children born with congenital malformations in the heart? and that 800,000 of them are born in the poorest countries where they do not have access to timely medical and surgical care? Half of them are not going to reach the first year of life. The others are facing serious growth problems. So we decided to Give a beat, through "Children's heart" program, involving volunteer doctors and collaborating with local hospitals.


In 12 years Mission Bambini saved 1,761 children, through a cardiac surgery. More than 14,000 children were visited and had a proper diagnosis. And 270 local doctors received a free training. But still so many children are waiting for our help! GOAL: We identified 20 most urgent cases: they are children living in Burma, Cambodia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Zimbabwe. The average cost of a heart operation of a baby is about 1500 USD. But the waiting list of children who need surgical operation extends every passing day.With your help you can do so much!!

With only 15$ you can ensure a cardiological examination to a child

With 30$ you can provide one medication kit

With 50$ you can provide medicine to treat children recovering from surgery

With 100$ you can provide disposables (gauzes, syringes, plasters, etc) to be used in surgery

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