Together let's change the recipe of our food system

Because what we will eat tomorrow, should be the concern of all of us

VECO - Vredeseilanden A Project of V | KBFUS Funds

Food touches at so many aspects of our society. It touches the soil, the water, the landscapes in rural areas, the sustainability of the cities, the health of every human being. It touches the livelihoods of millions of people, especially the farmers that produce our food.

Rikolto empowers farmers to implement future-proof, sustainable practices. We support them so that their products meet quality standards. We connect them with innovators in the food industry to explore new ways of doing business. And we build bridges of trust between farmer organisations, food industry, governments, researchers, banks... around one central question: "What will we eat tomorrow?"

We plant and harvest new solutions, making the food system more transparent.

Rikolto runs programmes in 14 countries worldwide through eight regional offices. We're a close-knit network of accessible and knowledgeable colleagues, willing to share experience and eager to inspire others.