Pearl, Julie Rose, Haziel… aren't just names, they are children's destinies we managed to change!

Because every child has the RIGHT... A Project of C | KBFUS Funds

"Without CAMELEON, I would probably be out in the streets" Pearl

"CAMELEON taught me to look ahead, to the future" Julie Rose

"If CAMELEON hadn't been by my side, I would never have been able to fight for my rights" Haziel

Because children are a chance for the future and the world, they are our priority!

For 20 years, CAMELEON has been supporting the most vulnerable children in the Philippines, whether they be victims of sexual violence or living in extreme poverty.

CAMELEON has numerous successful accomplishments in the PHILIPPINES:

250 girls victim of sexual violence and incest have been able to rebuild their lives and start fresh

960 children in extreme poverty were able to go to school

310 children graduated from higher education, offering them real career opportunities

7,000 children and their families have benefited from CAMELEON's programs

700,000 young people and adults were made aware and informed on the children's rights

In FRANCE, CAMELEON is becoming more and more active in ensuring that children become actors in their own protection:

2,210 students from primary school to high school discovered their rights in 2016-2017

We were able to accomplish all this thanks to you!

Despite these encouraging results, there is still a long way to go. Incidences of Children's Rights violations are still too numerous.

Do you believe, like we do, that every child has the right to grow up in a world without violence, to live rather than survive?

Every child deserves a chance, become an actor and donate!