Friends of Fondation Hopital Foch

Fondation Foch (FR) A Project of F | KBFUS Funds

The Foch Foundation provides financial support to the Foch hospital to enhance innovation and state of the art development. It has launched several campaigns aimed at improving the development of the medical care services and facilities.

Erected thanks to the generosity of donors in the 1930's, the Foch Hospital has been able to count on a wide range of donors across the time. Two American ladies in particular, the Princess de Polignac, née Winnaretta Singer and Mrs Jacques Balsan, née Consuleo Vanderbilt, played a crucial role by launching the first fundraising campaign that allowed the construction of the original buildings, inaugurated in 1937.
Today, the foundation has initiated a project to revive the links with its American supporters. It also works actively with individuals and companies to match their desire to support a particular project within the strategic needs of the hospital.

Over the last 5 years, the foundation has provided 45 M€ funding towards research programs, care facilities, equipment and teaching. Examples include:
- Professional training simulation center
- Medically Assisted Procreation center
- Prostate cancer program
- Holmium lasers
- Pilot program for ex-vivo lung reconditioning

Alternative ways to give:

For gifts by check: Address your check to KBFUS, write "Friends of Fondation Hopital Foch" in the memo section of the check, and send it to KBFUS, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020.

Gifts by wire transfer or to contribute other types of property: Email KBFUS at: or phone (212) 713 7660.