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An intact environment and an improved quality of life so that all people can live where they were born.

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To give everyone access to clean energy and an intact environment.

Zenaga expands the dialogue and transfer of knowledge and technology between developed countries and developing countries. We establish clean energy, intact environment and rising quality of life, so that people can live where they were born.


The Zenaga Foundation was founded to improve the dialogue and transfer of knowledge and technology between industrialized countries and their actors and actors in developing countries. One focus is on the exchange of knowledge,
the representation of the technical possibilities as well as the realization of projects. With our work we reduce the causes
of flight, strengthen the international understanding of the technically and economically sensible solutions for energy production and for climate and environmental protection.

The Vision

We give everyone access to clean energy and an intact environment. With a rising quality of life and stable global climate
can future generations live where they were born and where their homeland is.

In addition to providing knowledge and contacts, projects in various fields contribute to the realization of this vision.
We strengthen cooperation and connect the actors in the USA, Europe and Africa. We thus promote dialogue between countries and people.


With each of our programs, we pursue the goal of simultaneously implementing several focus areas (see picture above).
As a result, the projects in the priority areas often have an impact on the other areas and thus have no overall impact.


+ Health care
We want to electrify the health stations so that there is enough power for light and the operation of the technical equipment. This is a contribution to, for example, reducing maternal and infant mortality in rural areas.

+ Women groups
The women carry a heavy burden in many parts of the world. With the help of Ms. Cooperatives and Associations,
we help women to improve their position and better feed the families.

+ Fountain
Access to water is existential. Nevertheless, many bunnies are still due to technical defects and the water must be used from polluted sources. In addition, many wells will be powered by diesel generators - polluting the environment and the climate.
By upgrading to a solar well, we are improving the situation.


+ clean electricity for schools
With the electrification of schools in rural areas by photovoltaic systems, we are creating an improvement in education. At the same time we enable the rural population to hold evening meetings and events.

+ scholarships
With scholarships, we want to enable gifted students regardless of gender or origin to attend secondary schools
or the university.

+ Forum
This project idea is to inform people, companies and decision-makers about modern climate-friendly and money-saving techniques in buildings and train people in the techniques. In addition, shared offices should bring start-ups, NGOs and companies into an exchange and dialogue.


+ energy villages
With this project idea, we want to show with which forms of organization a favorable and environmentally friendly / climate-friendly energy supply for villages in rural areas is possible. A reliable and cost-effective energy supply is the basis for a good development.

+ Recycling Center
In many regions of the world, waste is thrown into the countryside in an uncontrolled manner, burdening the environment
and the climate with uncontrolled poisoning.
By implementing the project, we could generate income for the population
and protect the environment / climate.


+ reafforestation
Afforestation projects deprive the atmosphere of Co2 and raise the groundwater level. In addition, the fruits of the shrubs and trees can be used by the local population, thus improving the nutrition and income of the families.

+ Training Center Sustainability
By implementing this project idea, the population can be trained in sustainable agriculture, forestry, renewable energies
and recycling.

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With our actions we show people, companies and cities in industrialized countries how you can save money through the energy turnaround and other measures and also get a good feeling with the associated climate and environmental protection. With our offers we can also ensure a better perception in the public.

* Public relations work and information - Opportunities/benefits of the energy revolution
* Supporting the economy - Taking advantage of potentials - know-how and technology - better positioning
* Achieving climate targets – reduction of CO2 emissions by 2050
* Participation in the UN climate conferences



We are offering lectures worldwide on topics such as:

- Climate and environmental protection
- Energy transition
- the way to success
and many more topics. Talk to us:

You can find examples of lectures on our website:

Co2 compensation PLUS

Through this offer, individuals and companies can offset their Co2 emissions and also support the implementation
of our programs. More information can be found on our website:


We increase the impact of companies through our sponsorship program, label and the possibility of seals.
In this way, our partners improve their impact on customers and employees and increase the success of the company.

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